About Us

Stressed out…? Stress Relief and Effective Stress Management Strategies are Essential.

Been there, done that, got the ‘T’ shirt and the cap.

Thankfully, I overcame the worst of my stress several years ago and I’m never going back there.  Initially on medication, I weaned myself off of that and regained control using the 7 second stress relief technique and a variety of natural and effective stress management strategies. Many of these enabled me to view life’s circumstances and happenings quite differently. Some of these have become habits and others I can fall back on if or whenever, I feel the need.

Living with stress is crap. At best it can make life miserable. At worst it can destroy a relationship and you in the process. My aim is to help you prevent any of that and get you back to living your life to the fullest.

I am not a medical practitioner but I am a Certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner.  As such I have counseled and helped may people overcome their stress and start living their lives.

The 7 second stress relief technique works for everyone. Effective stress management strategies thereafter may differ. What works for one may not work for another. What I aim to do here is provide enough useful information, tips and techniques, to help you choose what works best for you. That done, you should be able to enjoy your life and start living it to the fullest once again.  (But, hey, you will always be welcome back!)

If I can help you achieve that I will have achieved something for both of us. Let’s do it together.