Stress in the Workplace

Stress in the workplace or occupational stress affects us all. The World Health Organization has named it the ‘twentieth century disease’ stating that it has reached epidemic proportions and is to be found globally, in practically every occupation. And it is getting worse. Many of the so called technological advances that are supposed to make […]

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Dealing with Anxiety

Stress Anxiety states can range from a mild unpleasant emotional feeling to experiencing a feeling of full blown panic. Therefore, dealing with Anxiety has to be tailored to suit the nature of the anxiety.  The anxiety state can be temporary or specific to stimulus or more seriously, a seemingly permanent state of worry and nervousness. […]

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Basic Coping Strategies for Stress

Stress is something that affects almost all of us at one point or another throughout our lives. Stress can bring on a variety of symptoms and health problems including fatigue, loss of sleep, substance abuse and stomach upsets. In order to combat the ill effects of stress you will almost certainly need to adopt some […]

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